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Hiring the right construction restoration talent is critical to your success. Hiring
top talent reduces turnover, saves time, lowers costs, and increases productivity. Accentuin makes it easy to find your perfect construction restoration hires with our exclusive
SM recruitment process.


Using our EVALU8 Process, we help you create a precise and detailed description of your open positions and your ideal candidates. Through our extensive networks and personal contacts, we identify and connect with candidates who support your organizational vision and purpose.

Through a rigorous, multi-step interview process, we asses candidates’ compatibility with your organization’s goals, culture, and expectations. We then categorize candidates according to their performance potential and likelihood of success within your organization.

We contact references, debrief interviewers, fact-check background information, confirm credentials, and identify growth opportunities for each candidate. On average, only 20% of a company’s employees are high performers. With Accentuin, your workforce can be made up of 90% top talent.

Accentuin Evalu8 Process Infographic 8.1.23.png


As your total construction restoration hiring partner, Accentuin offers a full range of recruitment and staffing services.

  • Industry-specific sourcing

  • Vetting

  • Interviewing

  • Background checks

  • Credential verification

  • Networking

  • Salary negotiation

  • Listings management

  • Onboarding

  • Permanent staffing

  • Contract-to-hire

  • Compensation benchmarking

  • Retention strategy development

Our team has decades of experience working and hiring in the construction restoration industry. We are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of this competitive business and know exactly what it takes to succeed. We created the EVALU8 Process to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to hiring top talent. Our immeasurable expertise, connections, professionalism, and exclusive process empower you to hire with confidence. If you struggle to find the construction restoration talent that will help your business grow, Accentuin is the best hire you’ll ever make.


“It’s arduous but extensive and they were able to extract the information they needed from me as a prospective new hire. I was questioning what everything was all about during the process,
but I enjoyed it.”

— James Miller

Project Manager


“They really do their homework, the process is thorough. They made me feel like part of the team during the interviews. I’ve never been through any other process like it before. Engaging and a delightful pleasure.”


— Jamie Wixon

HR Associate


“The interview process was extensive and does a good job of weeding out the wrong candidates for the position while bringing high performing candidates to the top of the heap.
I was impressed by the process."

— Andrew Curtiss

Mitigation Project Manager


Accentuin can increase high performers in your workforce by up to 70%


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